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New to X-Plane? Choose from a vast number of freeware developers and payware design teams.


For those of you who prefer light GA aircrafts there is no way around Airfoillabs' C172. Train your skills in various scenarios and get their Add-On.


Focusing mainly on Europe, JustSim provides beautiful airport add-ons for a reasonable price. Short development cycles are their asset.

Drzewiecki Design

The well respected Polish design team seems to focus more and more on cityscape sceneries. Want to visit Trump in Office? Get their Washington City XP.


Wonder how it feels to fly through that thunderstorm that's right above your home? All that and more is possible with xEnviro's weather engine for X-Plane.


IXEG gifted the community with the development of the legendary 737 Classic in study-level-quality. For many the reason to switch over to X-Plane.

The ".org" as this site is well known among the community is the main ressource for all sorts of add-ons. Don't miss their "daily deals".

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