New Dev Mach3: Live Streaming Airport Development

You gotta see this announcement by new developer studio Mach3 Digital Design Studios:

“Hello Follow simmers, 

Welcome to the creation and luanch of Mach3 Digital Design Studios!

We would like to take this time to announce our 1st payware product for X-Plane 11 “KFLG – Flagstaff Pulliam Airport”. This product will be a fully custom 3D modeled rendition of this beautiful airport located in Northern Arizona.  We are a brand new studio and are vary exited to make our 1st mark in X-Plane 11. Some of my free scenery work can be seen here Here

You can watch this airport being streamed and built Live 2-3 days a week at feel free to stop in and say hi! This is my 1st custom 3D scenery and I am loving it so far! More pictures and post will follow as work progresses.

I hope you are looking forward to this project as much as I am! 

Thank you, Mach3 Digital Design Studios”

The screenshot above shows their KSMO freeware, available here.

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Icarus Becomes Skyline: Announcing KCVG Cincinnati

A few days ago our well known friends over at Icarus Simulations announced that the company has split. See the full announcement:

“Important Notice”

Dear flight simmers.
Because of improvement of our management in Icarus Simulations, the company splits into two different names. The Skyline Simulations and Ilias Tselios. This will not affect the announced projects! The development and the quality of our products stays the same!”

Alright, Skyline Simulations it is then! That said, the team with this new name announced KCVG Cincinnati again at the .org (see here for the original announcement). See also that announcement:

“Hello everybody,

I am very pleased to announce KCVG Definitive. Those over on the Facebook group may have already seen my pictures I’ve uploaded, but I’d also like to start a topic over here to keep things all in one place.

WE, at Skyline Simulations (Formerly Icarus Simulations) branched off into separate studios to allow our members to focus on their specialties, i.e. Aircraft vs Scenery. This will work better for us in the long run, and I must add that all of us from Icarus are still on great relations, we’re just not associated with eachother’s projects anymore. Have no worries, this will not interrupt the development of our airports or the DC-9 at all, it will only allow us to work faster and smarter!

Now that that’s out of the way, where do I begin?

I’ve lived my entire life and grown up in Cincinnati. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to fly many times a year from a very young age and thus have great memories of CVG from it’s Golden Age, when Delta and Comair ruled the entire airport. Things have changed now, but my desire I’ve had to develop an ultra realistic and high quality rendition of CVG hasn’t. After years of debating how to go about it, I got started a year ago modeling. modeling is complete at this point, and right now we’re working on finishing up WED work and texturing. Expect KCVG early 2018, but please don’t go asking for exact release dates or pricing as you’re not going to get an answer 

For those who want more information on CVG, check out Wikipedia:

I’ll make sure to update this thread regularly with progress. As I said, I’m just finishing up WED work and texturework has commenced. As a long term resident of Cincinnati, I and the rest of the team are committed to only the highest quality. Please enjoy these screenshots! Please remember these are all a work in progress and may not represent the product upon it’s completion.

– Skyline Simulations”

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New Daily X-Plane News Site Online: Meet

I am humbled and proud. After I announced that I could no longer run a daily X-Plane news site my reader Gaspard felt inspired and launched a new daily news site to bring all those exciting news in our lives. Thank you Gaspard, you are my hero! That said, I know for fact that another one of my readers is working on his very own daily news site, which makes me even more proud. A few months ago we didn’t even have a single news site for X-Plane and now we soon have two sites. Awesome. Have a look at now! Have fun!

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FDX Exclusives: RD’s Riverside & Half Moon Bay

As you know, I am a big fan of RD Studios’ Peter Suranyi. His debut release KHAF Half Moon Bay (see my review) surpassed all of our expectations and there is no doubt his next airport KRAL Riverside (which will ship with an L.A. landmarks pack) will be even better. One of the reasons for this is, Peter will add people to his scenery. That’s a big “yay” if you ask me as it makes the scenery even more alive. Peter was kind enough to send me some exclusives to showcase those new 3 dimensional guys and gals! Another exclusive screenshot shows the upcoming Riverside scenery. Looking great thus far!

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Ollie’s Path to Flight Sim Divinity

There are certain folks around that believe the mastering of rotorcraft is the highest level of skill one can achieve on its path to flight simulation glory. What sounds mysterious certainly has some truth in it. I just started with helicopters (bought my first payware today, the Dreamfoil Bell 407) and I am impressed. I can fly Airbuses, Boeings, Pipers. Any fixed-wing aircraft is basically my b****. But this Bell 407 is impossible to fly and especially land for me. Anyway, with the support of I will write about my endeavors in the upcoming months and let all of you aircraft junkies know if helicopters might also be something for you. I am obsessed already, that’s for sure. That FlightFactor A320 is suddenly not that exciting anymore to me… Stay tuned!

By the way, the scenery you can see above is Attitude’s KTTF Custer, a true masterpiece if you ask me (review available in the review tab)!

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Due To Popular Demand: FlightDeckX Is Back Online

Aaaaaalright, let’s make this quick. I closed the site because I got lots of private stuff to do. Hence I can’t run a daily news site any longer. Then the crowd apparently went crazy. I got countless messages, asking me to reinstate the site, at least for archive purposes. Then I did a quick poll on Facebook to see if that demand was real, which it was to my surprise.

Anyway I am back online. I will publish articles here as time permits and I will also keep writing for (Sergio really tricked me into flying rotorcraft, having fun big time). But this is no longer a news site, it’s my personal flight sim blog. Don’t expect daily news posts. I will make some visual changes to the site as soon as possible to make that clear.

Sorry for any inconvinience and thank you for your continued trust. I was amazed by all of your reactions and I still am. Thank you for all the messages and nice words. I appreciate it! See you soon!

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Just Flight Announce Turbo Arrow III/IV

A few hours ago, Just Flight published the above screenshots with no information at all! My superior brainz tells me this is an X-Plane version of their Piper PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV, though. If you have any doubts, compare these shots with the P3D version of this product here.

I guess Just Flight’s debut release was a commercial success then. Keep ’em coming I’d say. However, I do hope Thranda (who are responsible for the actual conversion) do a better job with the flight model this time. The flight model of the Arrow III was far from being perfect (see my review if you want to learn more about it).

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Another St. Barths In The Making!

A good year for fans of Caribbean island destinations. First, Nimbus Simulations released their scenery of TFFJ Aéroport Rémy de Haenen / St. Barths. Now, developer PilotAlva previewed early renderings of his version of the same airport, which is said to be shipped together with a scenery of Sint Maarten.

First I thought, do we really need another St. Barths? But yeah, look at those screenshots. Sure looks better than Nimbus’ version. And this will also feature an orthophoto! I just love having options, always great having competition!

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Developers: Orbx is hiring!

I know some of you aren’t the biggest Orbx fans. Honestly though, I don’t care. I love Orbx and their products and I am looking forward to all those beautiful airfields as announced earlier here. Currently Orbx is hiring and looking for some experienced X-Plane developers to help them convert their scenery to our platform. See what they are looking for (see the original post by Orbx’s Ed Correia here):

“Are you looking for an opportunity to join Orbx as a developer? We are wanting to expand our team of  talented developers as well as find specialists to port many of our published airports for XPlane 11. There will also be opportunities to team up with established developers on current projects. This will be paid contract work.

Developer/assistant developers 

  • proven work published either payware or freeware
  • advanced 3D modelling skills and experience with FSX/P3D SDK tools

XP specific

  • proven experience with the use of porting tools from FSX/P3D to XP

Please send covering details, relevant skills and experience to Links to published works/reviews will be advantageous.”

Whether you like it or not, things are about to get real with Orbx! If you are a developer looking for a new assignment, this might be your chance! Good luck!

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The Official FlightDeckX Livery by MB Liveries

One of the most talented livery artists in our community is Matteo Baiocchi of MB Liveries. After some serious “begging” from myself he kindly agreed to create a FlightDeckX livery for X-Plane 11’s stock 737-800. As a little gift from myself you can now download this beautiful piece of art for your own personal use. Download the livery here and make sure to follow the instructions in the included Readme file. Enjoy! And thanks to Matteo, great work buddy!

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