The 737 Ultimate #freeware must be one of the most anticipated mods for X-Plane. There’s definitely a lot of excitement going on in our community for this mod which promises to add several major features to the default 737, such as a working HUD, an EFB tablet and a lot more.

Following this recent announcement by the developers we now even got a release window. See developer djdragon737’s statement from a few hours ago:

“Okay guys we have a date, not gonna say it just yet, but we’re confident that we’ll meet it. press and painters will get the plane and everyone else will get it a few days later. I guess all i can say is that it will be this month but that’s a large window.”

 You may start to wet your pants folks! Just a lil’ longer! 😀
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Uh no… The Ultimate 737 would be one that is modeled to such a degree that we can actually call it a study level sim. This is just putting lipstick on a pig.


Complaining about a freeware mod. SMH

Stay classy, flight simmers.


The 737 Ultimate’s forum thread really showed how immature the community can be. Getting negative about a freeware mod, I hope the devs understand and don’t get discouraged.