#freeware: A Sky Story LFBD Bordeaux RELEASED!

This is definitely a must-have freeware for everyone flying in Europe. A Sky Story recently released their outstanding LFBD Bordeaux Mérignac airport. Obviously they put tremendous effort into this scenery and I am really grateful for that. Virtual France still needs a lot more love but this is definitely the way to go! Thank you guys, thank you A Sky Story!

Download LFBD Bordeaux Mérignac directly from A Sky Story’s website here: askystory.com/bordeaux-merignac-lfbd

  • Pau30. November 2017 - 13:41

    Can’t believe this is freeware, this is payware quality.ReplyCancel

    • Brad30. November 2017 - 14:36

      When people do it for passion and not for the money that’s the most appreciated work.ReplyCancel

      • Ollie30. November 2017 - 22:49

        Absolutely, well said!ReplyCancel

  • X-Plane Rocks!30. November 2017 - 21:59

    Looks amazing! Will not let me download it though…ReplyCancel

    • Ollie30. November 2017 - 22:49

      Sorry to hear that. Works for me though.ReplyCancel

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