The AccuMap Project recently released version 1.0 of their VATSIM tracking software AccuMap. See AccuMap’s full announcement:

“AccuMap is a modern, snazzy and intuitive desktop application for viewing live VATSIM data such as pilots and air traffic controllers. AccuMap takes advantage of new features found in the Windows and MacOS operating systems allowing users to have a much nicer experience when searching through the map. With features such as system notifications, accurate sub-sector hierarchy depiction, live community contribution, and many other features being added with app updates, why use any other VATSIM tracker?”

AccuMap features live VATSIM data, compatibility for Windows and macOS (initially only the Windows client is available though, the macOS client is to follow later), accurate ATC sector visualization, support for approach/departure sub-sectors with dynamic runway selection, custom system notifications, client synchronization and many more! Head over to to learn more and to download your free copy.