Aerobask released its Velocity V-Twin for X-Plane 11 today, a four-seat, retractable tricycle landing gear, composite construction aircraft with a twin-engined pusher configuration and a canard layout. The feature set is impressive:

“Advanced Aeroback Avionics Suite:
  • Realistic simulation of the Dynon SkyView
  • Garmin 750/650
  • Completely custom-coded, no default instruments used
  • Very usable with Touch Screen Operation and full mouse scroll wheel support
FMOD Enhanced 3D system sounds dedicated to X-Plane 11. Designed by Daniela RC:
  • Inside acoustic isolation, responds to open doors. 
  • Engines: interior/exterior recordings of Lycomings IO-360, starter, shutdown, distance attenuation, cone angle response)
  • Engines: prop angle effects and distance flange/doppler effect, no phasing effect between engines
  • Equipment: armrest, battery, gyroscope, fuel pump, doors, gear motor, GPU start/stop, oxygen mask, all switches and buttons
  • Environment: airflow, ground roll on hard and noisy surfaces, tire skid and impact, airframe shaking and stressing)
  • Ambiance: exterior ambiance, rain interior/exterior with several degrees of intensity
  • Alerts: gear up, minimums, fire bell, autopilot disconnect, stall warning 
  • All sounds recorded at 44Khz 16bit stereo, correctly positioned in 3D, optimized to save space.
Pop-Up menu:
  • options, fuel & weight, ground thingies.
  • Configurable passengers and luggage.
High quality model:
  • High Resolution 3D Modeling
  • High resolution textures (4K), ambient occlusion, specular, and dedicated PBR normal mapping for X-Plane 11.
  • Accurate flight model according the public data maked by X-Aerodynamics.
  • Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit, with a different interior design based on the selected livery.
  • Simulated oxygen system – Windshield with reflections and rain effect – Volumetric propeller.
  • Accurate simulation of dual OPT-1 gauge.
Complete Avionics – In-house coded GTN 750 and GTN 650 with touchscreen and scroll-wheel support:
  • Exclusive multi-threaded and fps-friendly map and terrain display
  • Map topography display based on actual X-Plane mesh data
  • Terrain awareness display based on actual data
  • Configurable map rendering
  • TCAS with online flying support
  • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
  • Flight plan import/export compatible with stock XP10 fms format
  • Built-in chart viewer – easily import yours
  • COM support for PilotEdge (Connect/disconnect, TX/RX, COM1&2 volume control)
  • COM awareness for IVAO and VATSIM (conneciton status)
  • COM, NAV and XPNDR dialing pad
  • Interactive checklists
  • Resizable pop-ups
  • VIP controller, in cabin and in popup for aircraft management

Latest revision of Dynon Skyview with added scroll-wheel support:

  • NEW! Scroll-wheel support on lists, map, HDG, CRS, MDA, ALT, VVI, etc…
  • Airways, SID and STAR support (waypoint-based)
  • Weather map display on multiple screens and orientations
  • TCAS with Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory
  • Resizable pop-ups”

Aerobask’s Velocity V-Twin for X-Plane 11 is available for $34.95 at the store here.