Yet another announcement by Aerobridge! *sigh* 😀 😀 😀 See here:

“Hi everyone! Development on the 777 has slowed considerably due to some bottlenecks on the 3d cockpit modelling. While the developer responsible will be finishing the cockpit modelling once and for all, we’re moving onto a lighter project to practice and refine our skills which we’ll use to develop the 777. The complexity of the 777 proves to be a challenge to reproduce so the project is now taking a “backseat”. It will still be progressed, just not as fast and ambitious as we’d imagined. We’re still aiming for an end of the year initial release, but we’re unsure whether we’re able to meet that personal deadline.

That said, we’re ready to unravel our smaller project that was in the workshop for several months. A very old aircraft add-on made three generations of X-Plane ago, by a team that pushes the envelope for both freeware and payware aircraft, but stood the test of time and is ready to be flown in X-Plane 11 with the latest graphical features.

The X-Plane Freeware’s 757-200 was released in 2008 for X-Plane 8. It was one of the few aircraft that utilises object-based “eye-candy” visual 3d model, and to this day, the modelling stood the test of time and with a few adjustments and optimisations, the mesh can be used in X-Plane 11. The project aims to bring XPFW’s 757 back to relevance in the modern X-Plane, involving a complete visual overhaul of the exterior and 3d cockpit, with optimised mesh, remapped with brand new 4K textures taking advantage of PBR. Additional cockpit functionality will be implemented, with default systems implemented as initial release like the 777 series.

The texturing is unprecedented for a freeware airliner. Wingflex is added, with realistic spoiler and speed brake behaviour animations, flaps are accurately animated and so much more!

Without further ado, we present you the original Middle of the Market Tuberlino!”

Gotta admit, it does look incredible. Don’t expect a deep system simulation, though, this is certainly not on the agenda of these guys. Find the original post here.