[EDIT] Aerosoft Stuttgart RELEASED!

Aerosoft has just released Airport Stuttgart (EDDS) for X-Plane 11 today. This is a great release for all European flyers. Features for this package include:

  • Uses advanced X-Plane features such as 3D spill lights
  • Animated passenger boarding bridges, Safedock A-VDGSs and marshallers at all eligible gates/stands
  • Complete taxiway network for use by ATC and AI aircraft
  • Fully compatible with X-Life plugin by JARDesign
  • Works with the ‘Draw Parked Aircraft’ feature introduced in X-Plane 10.50
  • Makes full use of the new ground service vehicles introduced in X-Plane 11
  • Thousands of hand-placed objects such as parked cars and streetlights
  • Road network with animated traffic
  • Parked cars can be turned no/off to optimize performance

Stuttgart for X-Plane 11 is available for $17.95 (€15.08) at the Aerosoft store here or any other vendor of choice.

EDIT by Ollie: Added screenshots (the two shots at the bottom) and quick first look: Stuttgart is awesome, crafted nicely. It’s a lively airport full of moving ground vehicles. Night lighting is very nice (see the night screenshot at the bottom. Only one downside so far: When using Ortho4XP with Bing source, the airport doesn’t blend too well into the surroundings (see screenshot). Other than that, nice work Aerosoft, worth the money!


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