Aeroworx Douglas C-47 freeware in the works!

If you ever used P3D in the past, you might have come across the remarkable freeware C-47 by Manfred Jahn and Jan Visser. As far as I remember this particular add-on is considered to be one of the greatest freeware planes ever made. That said, an announcement made earlier today by Aeroworx immediately caught my eye. Keep reading to see why:

“Aeroworx Douglas C-47 X-Plane 10/11

About our project:

Manfred Jahn, Jan Visser and their team created an excellent Douglas C-47 for P3D. Although this is a freeware aircraft, it exceeds the quality standard of most payware aircraft!

As there is no good freeware C-47/DC-3 available for X-Plane 11, we approached Manfred and Jan during July 2017 in order to get approval for us to port their magnificent aircraft to X-Plane. Permission was granted and we started to work on this aircraft; we decided to make it available as freeware for X-Plane 10 & X-Plane 11.

There is no magic program to just export a P3D/FSX aircraft to X-Plane, it needs lots and lots of re-working in Blender/Gimp/ShaderMap4/FMOD and a handful of other software programs. However, it can be done.

Eight weeks later and we have nearly completed the private beta phase. We do plan to stay beta for an extended period of time, just like the sister P3D version. This beta will be fully operational and improvements will be made regularly.

The public beta version will be released by mid October 2017.

As members of the South African Airways Museum Society, we have direct access to their DC-3. We also have access to a few other DC-3/C-47’s. Getting good photographs is no problem. The crews flying and maintaining these aircraft are also extremely helpful in providing us with documentation, advice, etc.

Please bear in mind that this is a freeware product and that we cannot put in the same effort and time as the Commercial Designers. On the X-Plane side, we are only two people working on this project.”

This is huge!!! Look at those details. Even though this is a freeware project with all the limitations freeware designers have to face compared to their payware counterparts, this might be a real competitor for VSKYLABS and Leading Edge Simulations (VSKYLABS released their DC-3/C-47 some time ago, LES is expected to release their DC-3 soon). In any case, this is a great project and I am sure the community will love it! I’ll keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available. For now, head over to the original announcement thread here.

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WOW! It just look great! I have the VSKYLABS DC 3 but this interior has outstanding quality! Thanks for sharing this news!

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