AFM Mooney M20R Major Update Incoming!

Advanced Flight Modeling are currently working on the next big update of their Mooney M20R. This will be a “free update, hopefully coming out in the next few weeks to existing customers”, as the developer stated. The update features “the Laminar G1000 integrated, and we will be adding custom engine displays to match the M20R on the G1000. It also will feature menu windows and system description windows. It will have full VR support. The Electrical System has been revamped to match the Ovation 3 fully. All of the circuit breakers, buses, batteries, and alternators are functional and simulated. The graphics and sounds are also being completely revamped.”

Sounds all pretty good to me! I should really review this bird sooner or later so expect my review in a few weeks from now! It does look more than promising though!

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Filippo Nesi

Interesting, but pretty expensive for an early access. Does anybody here 

Filippo Nesi

Does anybody here have it and can provide any feedback?

Jamie Clark

I have it and it flies real nice and pretty much workable

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