A Month ago I did a review of AFM’s Mooney M20R Ovation II / III early access and I was surprised by that nice bird, although it was not ready and not on an eye or ear candy level yet, it has a great flight model and a detailed system depth. Cooper of AFM assured me, that they will constantly improve the aircraft and today AFM released their next update.

This latest update includes a Model of the Mooney M20TN Acclaim S – Now it really becomes a Collection, because this package now contains 3 aircraft: The Ovation II, the Ovation III and the Acclaim S. For a price of 38.95€ this is outstanding.

Some news from the changelog:

  • Added M20TN Acclaim Type S (Turbocharged)
  • Includes 7 Default Liveries! (Ovation Liveries will not work on the Acclaim)
  • Customized G1000 for Acclaim
  • Enhanced Oxygen System
  • Revised Nose on M20R Ovation II and III
  • Enhanced Performance on G1000 displays
  • Oxygen System and Hypoxia Simulation

Esp. speed junkies will welcome the Acclaim S because it is one of the fastest single-engine piston aircraft, capable of cruising at 242KTAS at FL250!

Well done AFM! Go ahead and keep up the good work!

If you don’t mind an early access and you like fast GA aircraft, I can recommend this bird. You can grab your copy of the M20 Collection here: Link

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Got it yesterday. Man, the propeller in motion. That’s how any propeller should look like.