A rather small scenery has been released today by a developer unknown to me (see his original announcement here). Allan & Burrows Island are in the state of Washington on the west coast of the US. Burrows island is a small island with a lighthouse and a helipad serving the lighthouse. Allan island features a 750m (2,400ft) long sloped grass runway that is of variable width. Allan island also has dirt trails going around the island plus a dock for visiting sailors. Both islands are covered in a thick forest and sharp rocks. See the full feature list:

  • Orthophotos for both islands (USGS)
  • Custom accurate forest type.
  • 3D volumetric grass.
  • Highly realistic ground textures
  • Custom textures for trails on island
  • Animated traffic on trails and by sea.
  • 3D trees and bushes.
  • Custom and accurate Mesh for both islands.
  • Campsite with animated smoke that reflects wind direction and strength
  • Night textures
  • 3D Rocks

Allan & Burrows Island are available for just 5.56 (about $6.57) exclusively at let’s sim here.