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Incredible news today, the B737-900ER Ultimate is now open beta and available for download on XPlane Org here.
This freeware product (which could be a payware) is in development since a long time and many follow this beautiful project.


“This version is not (officially) Mac compatibility. Results may vary until we have a better testing suite

Features include:

Led lights

full 3d interior

custom cockpit textures 

chart and checklist viewer

integraded zibo support

….and more 

I’ve opened up our closed beta up to an open one, I want to get a better feeling of the FPS that people have so I can optimize the aircraft better. 

Some of the tablet features have been disabled to because of their W.I.P nature.

We now have a discord (which is the best way to reach us) for all the latest information, also zibo is on the server for your zibo questions. We also will open up a new forum for support. It is a beta so expect bugs and thing to be changed.

expect constant updates…

Discord link:

Special thanks to AudiobirdXP and ultrafuture, it’s just as much their project as it is mine they really revamped this project. 

Also thanks to Zibo for his incredible zibomod.

Just look at the screenshots from a few months ago vs. now, it doesn’t even look like the same plane; because it’s not. This plane has been redone almost three times. With each revision getting much better.

A lot of people were asking for a donation link so here it is: a piece will be donated to a good cause, TBD″


A huge thank you to these brave and talented developers for their amazing product. Do not hesitate to support them by making a donation 🙂

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