DC-8 is now compatible with X-Plane 11

One more classic bird is ready for X-Plane 11. Michael Wilson’s DC-8 is now available in a new v11 compatible version. It is available for $35.00 at the .org store here. Owners of the previous version can buy the new version at 50% off. The coupon code is located in your original DC-8 order. Leaving v11 compatibility aside – the new version has the following additional features:

  • New DC-8 71 passenger version
  • 3D civa added (version 61-63)
  • new v11 3D FMS: two distinct FMS (version 71-71F)
  • removed extra rocket engines sound system, instead uses new sound pack with new plugin
  • fuel transfer & selector added (x-plane default)
  • new custom gauges
  • nav 1/2 + transponder numbers corrected
  • instruments reflections texture reduced
  • speed brake handle corrected (arm function + texture)
  • GPU and stairs can show separately now
  • DC-8-61 version: wing texture sharpened and leading edge riveting removed
  • animated cargo door added on freighter version
  • two new liveries: Delta Airlines & Zambia airways
  • new v11 custom icons for all liveries

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