Developers: Who is coming to X-Plane?

With the advent of X-Plane 11 it is undeniable that the platform receives a lot more attention by users and developers alike. With this momentum this leaves one question open. Will developers finally take the plunge and decide to develop for X-Plane? I compiled a list of developers that might soon come or already confirmed their commitment to X-Plane. I’ll edit this post whenever there is new information available.

Aerosoft: I think it’s obvious that Aerosoft publishes more and more high quality scenery for X-Plane lately. There’s a lot more to expect in the upcoming months. Follow their work in progress page here.

FranceVFR: If Google translated this post correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) then we can expect some products from this developer.

Frank Dainese: the so-called “Master of the Mountains” released his masterpiece Dolomiti 3D exclusively for the X-Plane platform.

Godzone: Robin Corn of Godzone describes his first “footsteps” in X-Plane here. It seems he is very pleased with the platform so far. Fingers crossed we might see his “Real New Zealand” for X-Plane soon.

HiFi Simulation Technology: The creator of Active Sky confirmed that they are actively developing a weather engine for X-Plane. See their announcement at this year’s Flight Sim Con here.

iBlueYonder: Bill Womack announced his first payware scenery Minute Man & Plum Island in December 2017. Before that he also released his freeware The Heron’s Nest.

Just Flight: In cooperation with Thranda (developer of the popular Kodiak Quest) Just Flight started to port their Piper line-up to X-Plane, starting with the Arrow III.

LatinVFR: Thanks to a cooperation with Skyline Simulations LatinVFR’s KSAN San Diego and KEYW Key West sceneries were already made available for X-Plane. More conversions can be expected in the future.

Latinwings: Thanks to a cooperation with Skyline Simulations Latinwings’ LEVC Valencia has been made available via X-Aviation.

Military Visualizations: MilViz confirmed on Facebook that their future ATR 72-600 will be made available for X-Plane. See this post for more information.

MSK Productions: MSK released their first X-Plane Scenery in July as freeware (see post). They also confirmed that they intend to port over their existing line-up to X-Plane, beginning with Jinnah Intl Airport Karachi (see here).

OldProp Solutions: There are rumors that the makers of FSFX packages (an effects add-on for various third party aircraft products) is looking into a future X-Plane commitment right now. A guy on Facebook posted an email in which Oldprop stated that they “sure are looking for X-Plane in the future since there’s a lot of potential for visual effects”.

Orbx: Yes, Orbx is coming, this time for real! See this post.

REX Simulations: This is rather old news but still worth to be mentioned. REX is coming to X-Plane. Have a look at this thread for more information.

Tailstrike Designs: The team confirmed a cooperation with Aerosoft, who will port Tailstrike’s LIME Bergamo scenery to X-Plane once the initial release happened.

Turbulent Design: Turbulent announced Idaho Falls in October 2017. There are also rumors about Terraflora coming to X-Plane.

UK2000: Their Birmingham scenery is already available for X-Plane and more products can be expected by this UK developer. See UK2000’s website for more information.

Got more information? Please let us know. Leave a comment!

EDIT 7/10/2017: Added MilViz, LatinVFR and MSK productions.
EDIT 7/17/2017: Amended MSK entry
EDIT 9/22/2017: Latinwings added
EDIT 10/4/2017: Turbulent entry amended
EDIT 10/24/2017: Added Just Flight
EDIT 11/3/2017: Added Orbx and Frank Dainese
EDIT 12/14/2017: iBlueyYonder added
EDIT 12/17/2017: Tailstrike added


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