Digital Design’s masterpiece scenery of LOWS Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport Salzburg, which has been converted to X-Plane by JustSim and published under their brand, has been updated to X-Plane 11 (see here). As usual with JustSim the update is not free. Instead previous owners can purchase this new version for $5. If you bought your version at the .org store check your original LOWS invoice. The discount code should be listed there.

I have to say I am not a big fan of JustSim’s approach of charging for scenery updates. After all, to my knowledge all v10 versions of their airports work in v11 without a problem so how much work was actually spent for the update? Do these minor changes really justify a $5 price tag? But then again, nobody is forced to buy the new version. I’ll probably stick to the previous version. Or are there any major improvements? Please let me know!

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. They never released details about what exactly the v11 updates entailed. I really enjoy their scenery so I will continue to buy it but I’m using the original LOWS in V11 already and I can’t imagine the update does much to improve it.


the mesh of the previous version wasn’t correct – when using “runway follows terrain” terminal buildings were flying =) I think this has been solved with the new version