Earlier this month I posted that Dolomiti 3D by Frank Dainese is coming to X-Plane 10 & 11 soon. I couldn’t wait any longer and reached out to FSC, who will publish this scenery exclusively, to find out more. That said, I got one bad and two good news for you! Bad news is, the scenery is still not ready for release yet. Good news is, we can expect a release of the scenery this coming October. Everyone who doesn’t have an internet connection that supports the massive download of the 24GB this product is going to have will also be pleased to hear that FSC will also sell the scenery on USB drives.

It has been a very good year for X-Plane thus far and this will be my personal climax. I am 100% confident that this will be the single best scenery this simulator has ever seen. Still have doubts? Head over to Frank Dainese’s blog and check out the latest screenshots here.