DreamFoil Announce v11 Update for Embraer 110!

Fans of the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante by Dreamfoil Creations will be delighted to hear that the developer has announced a full X-Plane 11 update. See the announcement:

“Hello Guys,

Here are some preview images from EMB110 update for XP11, this will not be only a compatibility update but a completely reworked exterior/interior 3D model, Lidimar did fixed lot of things on the exterior model, on the preview we can see some beautiful PBR brand new textures, which have a pixel density 25% higher compared to old ones.”

I had my eyes on this bird for a few months now but was hesitant to buy it since it’s rather old. With this announcement though, I am sure I’ll fly this thing once the update is available. Good news for sure.

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Going to have to get this one now 🙂

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