DreamFoil AS350 V2 for X-Plane 11 Previewed!

Ever since I talked with Sérgio Costa of HeliSimmer.com I fell totally in love with helicopters. Now being trapped in this even smaller community of rotorheads I learned that the Eurocopter AS350 is a very popular beast but also one that’s hard to tame. That said, the Dreamfoil AS350 is currently only available under X-Plane 10. This is about to change though as these latest development screenshots of the upcoming version 2 of this bird clearly proof. See this announcement:

“Hello Guys, here’s the first preview of work in progress AS350B3 V2 update for X-Plane 11, this is a completely reworked 3D model with brand new PBR 4k textures, It’s also going to be the first helicopter with sounds powered by FMOD on X-Plane 11 and ofcourse a revamped flight model.”

Definitely count me in! I just ordered myself a new set of rudder pedals so I am totally ready for whatever lesson I need to learn to fly this beast! Booooyaaaah!

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WooHoo!! Been waiting for this as well.


What kind of control would you recommend for the collective? I have a HOTAS joystick and throttle and can’t figure out the proper switch to assign for the collective. Got the Bell 407 a while ago but never had been able to learn to fly it. Don’t have the money to buy the flight trainer 4th gen heli sim controls.


TWCS Throttle for me. There is a dial to the left of the grip that works perfectly. I use it for trim as well. Allows for very small movements up and down. The throttle itself is good but it’s not perfect and can’t provide the same movement. I’ll pick this up and the Dolomiti scenery same day!


I have an X-52 Pro and use the Main Throttle as Collective and have it reversed, so was you pull the throttle control back, much like you would in a Helo, the collective rises.

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