EDDK Köln/Bonn Airport #freeware announced!

Huge news for all German X-Plane fans and basically anyone flying in Germany! Community member Cedric Gauche announced EDDK Köln/Bonn Airport! The Airport which is currently in beta will be released as freeware once the beta stage is over, which is expected in about one or two months. Judging from these screenshots this is a massive freeware project. See the full announcement:

“Hello everybody, Cologne EDDK is going in to beta today  and I expect release as a freeware in about 1-2 months. 


  • 2017 Layout
  • XP11 native
  • 3D Grass
  • Custom 3D Buidlings
  • Autogate
  • Docking System (Terminal 2)”

Follow the project over at x-plane.org here. I’ll let you know when this becomes available!

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Geert Margodt

Looks fantastic.  Just made flights EBLG/EDDK and EDDK/EBLG 🙂   Looking forward to the release 🙂


Fingers crossed they add the cathedral and other detail along the Rhein! This is great news!

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