AuctusDelineations updated their EV-55 Outback to v1.2. See the changelog:

“Version 1.2 (october 13th 2017)
Added customized 3D sound via FMOD
Improved the interior of the aircraft, adding lots of details and enhancements
Now includes 2 variants, passenger and cargo. Cargo and passenger interiors are both included in the main .ACF file, switchable dynamically
Also including an empty interior version true to the initial prototype’s avionics. It’s a separate .ACF file called “EV 55 Prototype.”
Animated the rear passenger door, cargo door, and baggage doors in the nose. Doors are mapped to Door #1 – Door#6
All doors have manipulators, and when open allow the cockpit-camera to move outside the aircraft to manipulate doors from the outside if desired
Added a “log-book” object that when clicked brings up a menu that can be used to open/shut all the doors and switch between cargo and passenger variants
Added three new liveries
Added a Garmin 530.
Added a altitude preselect for the autopilot
Added a 2nd VOR display, on the copilot side
Magnetic compass totally remodeled and animated in 3D
Fixed the DME off switch.
Removed glare from some screens
Fixed some intruments getting blurry at lower texture settings
Improved readablity of the HSI
Added green glow to Garmin dials
Reversed the HSI controls and displays to better match the realinstrument
Improved the accuacy of the COG, especially along the vertical axis
Fixed a typo that made the horizontal stabilizer less effective
Improved the accuracy of the hydraulics
Adjusted the flightmodel to imroved handling at low speeds and during the landing phase
Adjusted fuel consumtion to make it more accurate, especially in the X-Plane 10 version”
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Picked this up after the update. So far I’m loving every flight. The model is brilliantly done and it’s a joy to fly. The systems are well done, even if some aren’t working. The little clipboard that comes up with the planes options are also a nice touch. Going to take it around New England later today and up to Nova Scotia. Highly recommended.