It’s a hard life being an X-Plane news author. You spend hours and hours over news posts from developers, reviews, release notes and whatnot and actually have no time to do what you want to do most: Finally learning that darn A320! At least that’s my story.

Since there’s no way that I actually read the FCOM or the FCTM I was looking for a more “user friendly” document to help me understand the Airbus logic. That’s when I found this post by FlightFactor developer Assert which also pointed to legendary Captain Mike Ray’s website.

I did hear of Mike’s products before but (without ever actually seeing any of them) I honestly thought they look somewhat cheesy. I was also under the impression that Mike’s books were made for newbies of the flight sim genre but certainly not for the avid simmer like myself. Boy, I do admit, I was wrong!

So I purchased Mike’s Airbus A320 Professional Download Version eBook (all books are available also as downloadable eBook). I received a download link for the eBook, which used lower resolution imagery. A few hours later I also received a WeTransfer link to a 300MB high-res version of the eBook. Now I was totally blown away. What an awesome piece of training material this is. For just $29.95 you’ll get a book which was actually written having professional airline pilots in mind. Yes, there’s also a syllabus available for the avid simmer here but that one’s shorter and less detailed (but also cheaper). However if you’re like me (so basically a total nerd wannabe pilot) you will definitely want to go for the Airbus A320 Professional Download Version eBook! Here’s two examples of how detailed this 400 page pure-book-awesomeness is (I do have permission to show you some samples):

[pp_gallery id=”7623″]

This might be the most underestimated book in our genre. I firmly believe this is a must-have for everyone wishing to learn the ins and outs of the Airbus A320 (except you’re already type rated on that particular aircraft).

Anyway, as you know it’s my aim to support everyone in this community to bring our common hobby forward. So I reached out to Mike, told him that his book was awesome and that everyone should have the opportunity to read it. And then Captain Mike offered me an exclusive 20% discount code for all FlightDeckX readers for everything on his website (thanks to Mike Ray)! If you like any of his stuff, use the following code to receive your exclusive 20% discount (all capital letters):


I don’t know how long that code is valid so definitely make sure to pick up your desired book asap!

If you’re not an Airbus person, there’s also a book specifically made for the IXEG 737 (I already wrote about that book here) which looks like this (again, I do have permission to post these samples):

[pp_gallery id=”7642″]

What’s left to say? I definitely regret that I didn’t buy Mike’s books earlier. For the avid simmer who doesn’t have the time to read the full FCOM this is a must-have. Get your copy from Mike’s website now, it’s not gonna get any cheaper! 😉

EDIT: It appears the code is not working any longer. Maybe already so many folks purchased their discounted copy already that we hit the roof with this limited discount code. Or maybe there’s something else going on. Whatever it is, I contacted Mike about it so stay tuned! 🙂

EDIT #2: The code is working again. Mike slightly underestimated the interest in his products so he set the limit too low. 😉 Anway, there’s still a limit so if you want something from Mike’s store, grab it now!

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Buy !
Thanks for the advice 😉


Code doesn’t work


I cont’t even connect to his website since tomorrow evening 🙁


I downloaded the training seriies and read about 100 pages..very cool! Thanks for the info!


I bought the pro version when I got the beta – brilliant book and a great add on to go alongside the fcomm! Nice deal and write up here too…


Thanks for letting us know (and the discount code)…currently waiting for the high-res version to pop up. 😀