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Remember my post about Attitude Simulations? I still firmly believe that this is X-Plane’s hottest new developer. Elias Strikos of Attitude was kind enough to send me some exclusives to showcase their upcoming KSAT San Antonio (click on a thumbnail to view in full screen). Also see what the developers have to say about this upcoming beauty:

“KSAT – San Antonio International Airport by Attitude Simulations

  • Crisp, high resolution Orthoimagery 
  • Large Coverage area surrounding airport
  • “Autogen” around the airport will all be modeled and correctly placed over Orthos for a seamless immersion. This is regarding to Warehouses, buildings. Some stores, and noticeable buildings will be modeled to a higher extent, such as Hotels, Grocery stores, etc. 
  • Houses accurately placed over Orthoimagery
  • Custom vegetation
  • High Definition terminal, buildings and hangars in the airport
  • X-Plane 11 PBR goodness!
  • X-Plane 11 Default roads painstakingly corrected to flow over Orthoimagery.

Downtown will also be included and modeled, along with 3 Heliports in the coverage area. And more to come as development continues! No expected release date as of yet. Exclusively available on X-Aviation!”