Featured Freeware: 124thATC v2

When it comes to ATC we all gotta admit that stock X-Plane isn’t satisfying in that respect. Always been that way and it’s fine thanks to various available tools that enhance our experience. I’d personally recommend to either get JARDesign’s X-Life or the great freeware ATC tool 124thATC v2. Although I love both, I see myself more and more using the latter. See what 124thATC v2 has to offer:

“The 124thATC plugin for X-Plane provides enhanced ATC services and therefore increased realism for your flight simulation experience, without the need for joining some online flight simulation network. Since the plugin is designed to work completely offline, it can be used for any airport at any time. All phases from flight plan filing until taxiing to the gate or parking position at the destination airport are covered by this plugin. Below please find a list of key features.

  • Flight plan filing (with option to import flight plan directly from FMS)
  • Complete IFR clearance, allowing individual requests
  • Startup and pushback clearance
  • Taxi, takeoff and departure (SID)
  • Flight with handover between ATC centers
  • Requests for flight level changes, direct to waypoints or vectors to airports
  • Descent, approach (STAR)
  • Landing, missed approach
  • Taxi to the gate or parking position
  • Voice output (can be optionally disabled on readback)
  • Function assignments to keyboard and joystick/yoke buttons
  • Highly customizable, different phraseology settings (Europe/USA)
  • Airline call sign database and center frequencies database
  • Flight data export to kml-Files (for use in Google Earth or similar geo-tools)
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux (X-Plane 10 64bit versions only)”

Although 124thATC v2 has been around for quite some time I still see a lot of folks asking for a replacement for stock X-Plane ATC. Well, if you read this, you can stop searching! Download 124thATC v2 directly from the project’s website here. Make sure to leave a donation if you like it!

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Are there plans to make this work for P3d? As I think even with all the payware atc options there, we have much room for improvement.

Phillip Hughes

For XP 11 ???

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