Have you ever dreamed of full scenery coverage for your country? Well I certainly did and thanks to the team of AXDG this dream is actually (almost) true for Austria. On their website AXDG provides the bigger part of Austrian airfields as well as all 6 international airports of the country (the screenshot above shows their LOWG Graz scenery). Fans of rotorcrafts can download a huge number of heliports. Combined with some Ortho4XP tiles for that region you’ll get a huge area of high quality freeware, and all for free.

You can download all sceneries on their website. Please note that the site is in German language only. However I think it is all pretty self-explanatory. Go to the site, click on the “Szenerien” menu button, then click on the name of your desired airfield and then hit the “Download” button. As easy as pie.

I think these guys deserve our appreciation. If you like their work please consider donating!

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Patrick M

I have lived in Austria fro long and done my license there, so have visited many of these in real lifeif you like mountain flying, these are the sceneries to have !