Featured Freeware: Icarus P.180 Avanti II RELEASED!

Icarus Simulations just released their latest freeware, the P.180 Avanti II for X-Plane 11! See the full announcement:

“We are proud to bring you P.180 Avanti II in X-Plane 11! For the past 16 months, we are developing this aircraft along our other payware projects, as our child of love! As you might already know this aicraft is based on X-Plane’s default P.180 Avanti , originally designed for X-Plane 8, was included in X-Plane 9, and from that point has been overhauled to Avanti II version. This is aircraft is totally FREE! It is a “return” to the X-Plane community that supported us those last 4 years that we exist as a development team! This aicraft main features are:

1. High quality visuals, cockpit all new 3D model and textures, including PBR materials.
2. Simulated:
a. startup and shutdown procedures
b. engine controls and operations
c. autopilot controls and operations
d. partially operation of the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems.
3. Emulation of Proline 21 avionics suite. Currently there is only one layout that will allow you to operate the aicraft in all scenarios. Many improvements will come in the future.
4. Installation in the 3D cockpit of the default X-Plane 11 FMC.
5. Improved flight characteristics.
6. Internal custom lighting.

Of course Avanti development is not stopping here! Actaully the overall development will be continuous, and the aircraft will always be in beta stage. Updates and upgrades will be available frequently! Main planned future upgrades are:

1. Adding more functionallity to Proline 21 avionics suite, heading from an emulation to a simulation.
2. Custom NAV maps.
3. Custom FMC.
4. Fully simulation of all systems.
5. New 3D model from ground up.
6. Improved flight model.
7. Avanti EVO.”

To get this awesome aircraft, head over to Icarus’ website here, subscribe to their mailing list and you are good to go! If you are still undecided, check out this full set of screenshots! Have fun and thank you Icarus!

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