Thanks to this post of AirDailyX I was made aware of the release of Predrag Drobac’s Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11. I remember this developer’s name from my P3D days, but I never used any of his mods. Anyway, this free mod features custom ReShade shaders and a LUA file to greatly enhance X-Plane’s general look and stock clouds, greatly enhancing the visual realism of your sim! See what URP Lite does:

I just tried it and I am absolutely thrilled! I was more and more getting unhappy with xEnviro and Skymaxx Pro. xEnviro is nice, but it lacks certain features I absolutely miss, such as the weather radar compatibility. Skymaxx Pro on the other hand performs really poor on my system. However, thanks to Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11 I am back at stock clouds for now! The clouds are still not perfect yet, but they do look decent enough now to give them a chance! Get Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for X-Plane 11 for free here.

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Looks very nice indeed! I’ve never tried ReShade before, but there were many problems reported when using it with X-Plane 11 – you need to use a specific version of ReShade and even then XP may hang on quit, FMC in FF 757/767 may be messed up etc. Have these issues been resolved? Is XP with ReShade stable?


Hi , looks like Opengl is needed to run it and this is a known xplane 11 “crasher”. Have you had any troubles like crash to desktop yet ? On my side, I get CTD everytime I lunch XP11…


Tried it and it kept crashing X-Plane. 


I lost my in-game map when I loaded this.


Same here. I haven’t used reshade for a while. Great effects and all but not worth the headache. Something much better will come along…. Vulcan is a ways off but it will be a game changer.

Just my own review of this. I tried this with the Lua script only! No reshade because it just doesn’t do it for me. I can say using the Lua script by itself makes the weather/clouds/shadows more realistic vs other scripts i’ve tried. It really fills the sky. But this comes at a cost. With heavy dense clouds my FPS take a big hit and goes down to about 20fps. At that point it makes less enjoyable to fly. But I’m also finding this varies by what cloud lair you’re in or what view you’re looking at via the cockpit… Read more »
Denis Brown

 i tried it, great improvements but fps go down from 50 to 30 but still flyable.