Great news were unveiled at today’s Flight Sim 2017 in Cosford, UK! Obviously, the main focus of the X-Plane keynote speech has been 11.10, which is already overdue and now confirmed to go public next week! In case you don’t want to watch the full speech (links at the bottom of this article), see here what can be expected in this next major update:

  • Massive improvements for all Turboprop powered aircraft
  • Vector-based flight calculations
    • correct for any direction of flight, even when the air flow is backward or coming from the side
  • Improvements to the electrical systems:
    • generators and alternators follow curves from real charts
    • realistic amps/volts by RPM
    • battery charges based on ground operation
    • landing lights dim with voltage drop
  • Garmin G1000 flight deck:
    • the default C172 and the Cirrus Vision will be equipped with these avionics by default
    • will be available for third parties
    • customizable for different aircraft types
    • standalone window enabled (pop-up)
    • works with hardware bezels
    • full vector graphics
    • third party nav data compatible
  •  Airports and scenery:
    • more European autogen (more variety, commercial areas, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.)
    • more iconic landmarks for about 30 cities (Laminar hired an artist whose sole purpose is the creation of landmarks), such as London, Sydney, Las Vegas, Chicago and Dubai
  • better performance (“vastly improved speed”)

The keynote speech didn’t stop there, though. Laminar presented some more information about what can be expected after the release of 11.10 and by the end of this year (“subject to change”). See what’s coming:

  • Native support for Virtual Reality:
    • easy to set-up (one checkbox)
    • no joystick/yoke/pedals required
    • 180/360 degree, 6 degree of freedom movement to look anywhere
    • teleport (with hotspots)
    • full 3D cockpit manipulation (with haptic feedback)
    • xPad companion tablet (maps, shortcuts, planning, logbook, etc.)
    • VC manipulation works as long as third party designers use standard X-Plane manipulators
    • official Laminar VR preview video available here
  • Performance:
    • Laminar aims to provide 60 fps for desktop and 45 fps for stereo VR use without any stutters
    • switch from OpenGL to Vulkan, resulting in optimized CPU/GPU utilization, however, the switch will be very similar to the transition to 64-bit!
      • OpenGL will be supported for the full 11 run to ensure compatibility with third party add-ons
      • scenery, models and aircraft should all work just fine with Vulkan
      • problems may arise with custom plug-ins (compatibility layer will be provided though, the goal is compatibility with as many add-ons as possible)
  • SDK 3.0 is already out
  • new developer tools already available or in testing (Blender exporter, 3Ds exporter)
  • new plug-in API (to get everything ready for Vulkan) is already available

More great news from Cosford arrived from our reader Delta_Who. Apparently Aviotek, creator of Skiathos Airport, announced work on OMDB Dubai Airport for X-Plane! This is wonderful news!!!

Alright, that’s it for now. If you want to watch the full keynote speech yourself, see part 1 and part 2!

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Native Dubai Airport and Dubai landmarks in x plane!!  No more of fs9 converted scenery.. 


Yea just got done watching it myself from another streamer. Quality was sooooooo bad. I really wish these places would have dedicated livestreams for those not attending, Hell I’d even pay a small fee to help cover it!


Will the new change to Vulkan from OpenGL work with Apple OSX?


Yes they said they would support Metal which is the new OSX framework.