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Some exciting screenshots arrived in my mailbox today! Just Flight were kind enough to send me a bunch of exclusives, showing terrific detail of their upcoming Piper PA-28R Arrow III, which is currently under development in cooperation with Thranda Design and expected to hit the stores soon. As usual, bear in mind that these shots are still showing a work-in-progress development state of the Arrow III so some things might change.

Of particular interest is the screenshot showing all of the menu items this plane is going to offer. As you can see, the menu features an in-game livery changer. This reminds me of Thranda’s own Kodiak Quest, which offers the same function. Apparently pilots will also have the opportunity to change fuel load and balancing directly from within the game (without the need to use X-Plane’s built in menus). Personally I like that very much as I find switching to X-Plane’s menus a major distraction immersion-wise. Lastly we can expect at least some 2D pop-ups for certain functions of the plane.

So far I only see good things. I only wish they make the menu button on the left side of the screen a bit smaller but I guess this is owed to the current development state (remember, still work-in-progress)!

What more shall I say? I am a big Piper fan and this Arrow III is on my wishlist since it was announced earlier this month! If you fancy this Arrow III too, I’ll keep you updated as soon as more information arrives!