FlightFactor A320: Let me know what you want to see!

Today FlightFactor started the limited beta sale of their A320 Ultimate, which was finished after less than 20 minutes. Luckily though, as a reviewer, I also got access to the product. Above a screenshot from my first test flight! Anyway. The problem is, I ain’t no Airbus pilot. My idea is to copy flights of Youtuber Blackbox711, who apparently is an Airbus pilot. Not more I can really do unfortunately but I wanted to be totally honest with you. Expect a review from a casual simmer’s point of view, not a real world pilot!

Since a full review will take some time and I also got another important review in the pipeline, I have an idea. Let me know which detail of this A320 you want to see. I will look it up, make some screenshots and upload them here. Just let me know! Screenshots on demand, so to speak! 

To my readers Daniel and Maurits: Got ya, of course I care about this release 😉

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Phrase, could you focus on the sound, gear animation, cockpit details, cabin (: Thx!


Please* Sorry


Can the browser reach pornhub.com and is there an IAE model


I also managed to get one, even tho it took me 20minutes to buy it because the dying Server of the Store 😀 Im impressed so far, really worth the Hype. The only Thing i would say they really Need to improve is the Sound. Ist just not on the same Level as the rest of the Aircraft.


I’m not an Airbus pilot, neither I aspire to be one, so I’d be interested in the feeling. Is it immersive enough to make you believe you are flyting


For me, id like a comparison with the FSLabs A320.  Its the target to aim for.

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