A few days ago FlightFactor announced that they implemented the wingflex effect into their highly anticipated A320 model (see here if you haven’t seen it yet). Less than a week later developer “Assert” grants us another peak behind the scenes of the development of what is already considered the best study-level-simulation for X-Plane by fans. While I don’t share that verdict at this early stage (after all, the product is not even available yet) I can certainly understand the hype though. If it’s true what FlightFactor claim (see here) then this bird will probably live up to the hype. Anyway, back to business. This is what developer “Assert” wrote at x-plane.org:

“We are making a lot of work to make most of the users happy. For a last months:

  • MCDU and DU fonts with it’s rendering system was reworked. Now should look very close.
  • Cockpit textures was completely repainted. This was a fourth iteration, i think we are close enough now.
  • Some geometry fixes in the cockpit and exterior was made.
  • Sound set was nearly finished and balanced.
  • Wing flex was added. Yes, be happy:)
  • Reflections and other effects was added.
  • Few hundreds of bugs in a different systems and it’s behavior was fixed. Why so much? Because we are carefully checking everything, comparing with real aircraft, and trying to get as close as possible…”

“We are adding things and options slower, but trying to make it really complete and accurate. A320 is one of the most technically advanced aircraft, a lot of things is much more complex that you can imagine… so, a lot of knowledge, work and data is required to make things right…”

“WR (weather radar; remark by FlightDeckX) and TCAS will be implemented as separate modules, integrated with the aircraft and delivered with it (like pushback and RAAS). With all it’s indication, sounds and functions… this work is going in parallel, so i do not know when we can give you a WR (a lot of technical problems with data acquisition), but i am expecting full working TCAS at the first beta release point.”

See here for the original thread back at x-plane.org.