Alright folks, Thomas Rasmussen uploaded another video of the anticipated FlightFactor A320. Watch that video here. Basically it’s part 1 of a full flight he has done with a development version of the aircraft. If you don’t have the time, jump right to minute 39:16. FlightFactor implemented a fully functional browser to the EFB (as seen on the screenshot above) and it is showcased there. That is a cool feature! Other than that I don’t see any groundbreaking new features.

If you wonder about the release date, see this previous post of mine. Bear in mind though, the beta is limited and we don’t know how much longer we will have to wait for the final release. That said, I think we all are pretty much annoyed by all those YouTube videos, announcements and news posts we saw these last months. I for myself want to just fly that thing. Since I have to actually write those news posts and I can’t stand this topic anymore, there won’t be any more news about the FlightFactor A320 with one exception, and that is release! Release that bird already, FlightFactor!

EDIT: There is another new video available from FlightFactor developer Ramzzess himself, showcasing all of the systems. See that video here.

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No disrespect but imagine other news outlets not reporting on one of biggest current stories because the editor is personally tired of a topic. Not very confidence inspiring for the site. 

The A320 has been in development for a while with A LOT of news coming out from Flight Factor. As much as I appreciate the updates there is a limit to how much makes sense to put on the site. If people want to follow it and eat up every single detail I’m sure they are following the news directly and not relaying on this site for the updates. I scroll past 320 posts now a days after commenting in the past, because at the end of the day I can’t go home and fly it! So I support bypassing… Read more »