Just about an hour ago FlightFactor announced a new plug-in. AVS Airport Visual System basically is an airport moving map to help you with taxiing. See the full announcement:

“Hi Guys,

I am glad to announce the completion of our first ever global plugin, its not an airplane! AVS – Airport Visual System. Based on the airbus in-cockpit visual system AVS is a full airport navigator. It is here to help you taxi, plan and optimize routes, navigate your way though large and small airports, see where other planes are and many more.”

Check out this video by Thomas Rasmussen to see the plug-in in action. No more news available just yet. If you want to learn more, follow this thread at x-plane.org.

EDIT: Apparently AVS is able to display IVAO and stock AI aircraft as well. See this post here.

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Looks great! Sick of using ForeFlight for this. Be nice to assign a hotkey as well, and I like the pre-planning for taxi on arrival. I’ll be picking this up for sure.