You heard right, folks! A few hours ago, Ramzzess of FlightFactor announced that their popular Boeing 757 v2 will receive another major update, and apparently that’s gonna happen soon! This update will feature “more than an addition of the -300 and -cargo, its a major update with new dynamics, engines, xp11 effects, new cockpit fonts”. I will keep you updated as more information unfolds!

Thanks to Maurits and Dellanie for the tip-off! Thanks so much guys!

EDIT: A product page for a Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended Upgrade has been added to the .org store so this is apparently a paid upgrade. According to the page the upgrade price is either $20.00 or $25.00 (both are mentioned). Guess they are still undecided.

EDIT: Aaaand apparently it’s now released. Thanks for everyone leaving a comment with new information!

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Will it be free to existing 757 owners?


My guess is yes! Similar to all FF products there is an auto updater in your 757 Aircraft folder. Should be able to run this and update the plane from there. This plane was my first experience in a commercial airliner. Excited for the update!

Mr. Joshua

I used the promo code in my original purchase of the 757 v2 and that worked no issue. Brought the price down to $20.00. Just bought it. This is great!


There’s an upgrade to the Professional version as well. So I’m guessing that if you don’t want the Freighter version or the extended version you can still benefit from most of the new goodies.


This the real X Plane 11 version, not just a compatibility 


The update is $20 if you have the first v2 version – just bought it – haven’t had a proper play in it at all yet, but even things like better cockpit fonts makes a big difference. 


Looks great! My only concern is the winglets and flaps still do not look entirely accurate to the real 757. Was really hoping they would’ve fixed that in this update. Oh well, great update, regardless! 


New version not working for me.  Plane lost 2,000 ft. and crashed on approach using the autopilot.  Never had problems like this with the previous versions.