Back in July we saw some first promising screenshots of the next big version of FlyJSim’s classic 732 Twinjet (see here for that original post). FlyJSim now posted the image above on their Facebook page, which can only mean one thing… We’ll see a v3 of the Twinjet soon! Stay tuned!

EDIT: It’s now official, see this announcement, published on some minutes ago:

“It’s getting close! For those who have not been following along on the 732 Development on twitch/discord, here is some information on the upcoming release of the 732 Twinjet V3 for X-Plane 11. So much has gone into this update and I hope you will all be excited. First off, flight model changes; X-Plane 11 introduced some changes, and time has been taken to fine tune the flight model once again. This includes new engine data to match once again real world numbers, new airfoil files and new changes to speed brakes and autobrakes. All of which make this 732 more accurate than ever before.

Work has been done on the rear of the cockpit to include modeled breakers and an openable cockpit door that leads to the all-new fully realized cabin interior. We have a brand new cabin, modeled with extensive care and research to reflect the appropriate look of the era. The cabin is one of the most interactive in x-plane, with operating door-stairs in the forward and aft, overhead bins and window blinds. The Cabin is also fully lit with custom lighting that matches the real plane. You can control this manually with switches, or it can be managed for you automatically with our custom integrated plugin. 

X-Plane 11 introduced physically based rendering as a base for texturing aircraft and the FlyJSim team has taken time to update our previous set of textures to the new PBR standard. This includes PBR textures not only for the exterior but the interior as well.  
X-Plane 11 has also introduced FMOD capability, so we have gone to the length to rework all sounds. You will not only hear the sounds of each switch and knob, but the ambience of the whole plane, cockpit, and cabin have been fully realized to give you a really truly immersive experience un-like anything heard before!

Sometimes flying VOR to VOR can be tedious, especially in Europe or Australia where navigation methods have moved on over the years, so included in the 732 Twinjet V3 update, you now have a full 3d, x-plane default FMC option to use. No more need to download a separate XFMC add-on anymore.
For 727 series V2 introduced a maintenance system. For the 732 Twinjet update we have incorporated an updated version of this system. This system tracks total hours on airframe, engines and APU, as well as wear and tear of use. Engine fires, compressor stalls, decompressions, and many more failures can be triggered by poor operation of the plane. All of our plugins and menu systems are now refreshed to reflect X-Plane 11’s menu system, making it more consistent and fresh.

Experience the jet Age soon with the all new FlyJSim 732 Twinjet V3. Boarding soon!”

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Dellanie Byron

Hi Ollie,
I’m the one who made the graphics. This was not done in any alignment with release. You might want to double check that statement with FJS first.