FlyJSim 732 TwinJet V3 Professional RELEASED!

By now everyone probably knows already that FlyJSim released their much anticipated 732 TwinJet V3 Professional! Anyhow, if you’ve missed this release, now you don’t have anymore excuses. You gotta get this bird, it’s utterly awesome and amazingly beautiful (check out this post for a nice set of screenshots)!

Feature-wise I won’t repost the full feature set here as it’s ridiculously long. For the full and impressive feature list check out the store here. Price-wise this is not a cheap add-on but sure it is a product that promises countless hours of joy! However, if you already own the previous version then you’ll get a 50% discount on this latest version 3! Awesome!

Get FlyJSim’s 732 TwinJet V3 Professional now for $69.95 at the store here.


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