Frank Dainese’s Dolomiti 3D coming to X-Plane soon!

Now this is a project I personally look very much forward to. Many of you may know Frank Dainese for his beautiful “Dolomiti 3D” freeware for FSX. Known as “master of the mountains” Frank managed to recreate the Dolomites mountains in Northern Italy by building them as unique 3D objects instead of simply changing the mesh. The advantage of this technique is that this apparently gives much more control over shape and textures of those objects, making each and every mountain top look like the real thing.

Dolomiti 3D is now announced for X-Plane as payware. If you follow Frank’s blog you can see that he is stepping up his game a lot in X-Plane. According to this post the product is more or less finished and product packages will be prepared during the summer. There is no specific release date yet but a beta tester of the product mentioned “after the summer” as a rough time frame.


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