#freeware: P.180 Avanti II Updated To Version 2.1.0!

Ilias Tselios contacted me earlier today about the latest update 2.1.0 for his truly outstanding freeware masterpiece, the P.180 Avanti II! This is a major update, addoing FMOD sounds and a lot more to this plane. A huge thank you to Mr. Tselios for adding more and more features to this bird. See here what changed in version 2.1.0:

  1. FMC: Top page with options to turn on/off airports/VORs/NDBs/waypoints/weather and also select between single of dual cue FD symbology. Changed a button to DIR (direct) which is the correct one (The old was wrong!) Some other buttons are not like the real plane, but, in time, will be replaced as the custom FMC development advances.

  2. AUTOPILOT: VNAV is disabled, until work out a custom logic that simulates the real aircraft behaviour. The default VNAV is tide with autothrottle which is totally wrong for that plane! YD annunciator in the PFD is fixed, button and VS/pitch wheel animations fixed/added.

  3. MFD map: Added Altitude Intercept Arc, so you can have an indication where you will reach the AP target altitude, to manage your descends and climbs.

  4. MFD: Added bottom row that displays various info.

  5. MFD EIS: Plugin driven Engine Indications, with colors depending on various stages of operation (start, normal, above limits, etc).

  6. FMOD: Initial implementation of FMOD. Engine sounds, tire bounce, different switches, buttons, rotary knobs, etc. This is still something in its infancy and many improvements/additions will come in the future. In case that you don’t like it (yet), you will have the option to remove fmod folder and roll back to the previous sounds.

  7. Caution/Warning Panel: Corrected positions and operations. I have kept Parking Brake light, though doesn’t exists in the real aircraft.

  8. Internal Lighting: Added map lights for PLT and FO, that you can rotate the light’s head and adjust the beam. Also the cockpit lights (those under the glareshield) have been adjusted to properly lit the instrument panel.

  9. Outside Lighting: Now you can set the anticollision lights to Ground and Air, and the appropriate lights will come on. Added Wing (inspection) lights.

  10. Flight Model: Adjustments to engine model, trim and controls, and many others. What is not properly simulated and needs a lot of investigation is the propeller’s model which it ok, but not accurate. This remains for a future update.

  11. Modelling/Textures/Materials: Many adjustments/fixes, including Ferrari livery fixes. A new “Blue” livery is included, the same as the default, but without the logos. I have already uploaded a set of textures, if someone wants to do a livery for the plane.

  12. Modifiers/Animations: Most of the switches and rotary knobs work with the mouse wheel. Also the “theme” is if you see a “grab” icon, then the switch must be dragged, otherwise it is a click switch. If arrows, then click for up/down accordingly. Many buttons are now animated (including FMC buttons).

For a full set of high-res screenshots, visit this page! Seen enough already? Then grab your free copy of the P.180 Avanti II now from x-pilot.com here.


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