#freeware: SpainUHD v2 Ortho Project

About two weeks ago, at the second anniversary of the original first release of SpainUHD, version 2 of this outstanding freeware project was announced. SpainUHD offers complete ortho coverage of the Iberian Peninsula and all major Spanish islands in great quality and all for free! The highlights of the new version 2 are (please note the following was automatically translated from the original Spanish announcement):

  • Integration of shorelines
  • inland water bodies and rivers using the X-Plane engine and complemented with photorealistic textures translucent from vector data Information System Occupation Land of Spain
  • Use more orthophoto has been updated where possible
  • color and mixed soft layers autonomous community to maintain consistency of fotorreal field (in short correction, except errors in ortos, boundaries disappear in a straight line that exist in the mosaic PNOA topical, achieved by overlapping several years layers the historical and other regional services)
  • Coverage in cells bordering France orthophotograph BDOrtho50 recently released set
  • Use vector of the National Topographic Base and SIOSE to complement the current autogen, with masses of vegetation more accurate and where you ‘re supposed to be (ran see olive trees where the land is listed as “agricultural”, now they used subcategorizations to delimit fields, eg. olive groves only), besides the incorporation of static elements such as wind turbines and telecommunications antennas among others
  • Elevation data from MDT25 + LIDAR with full resolution (25m – 4400×4400) with submeter accuracy following profiles at airports and airfields of BTN25 with a margin of error of less than 3 meters) 
  • distant textures enhanced by using custom filters to MipMaps
  • Extending coverage orthophotos dynamic winter (snow) in captured in the historic the PNOA (Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, etc …) areas 
  • and more than a certain oblivion

There are several outstanding payware airports available to complement these free ortho tiles, such as LEJR Jerez, LEVC Valencia and some more available at your preferred vendor.

Download SpainUHD’s free ortho tiles from the project’s website. Consider a donation if you like what these guys are doing! Thanks to my reader Carlos for the tip-off!


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