#freeware: Update to Antarctica4XPlane!

Following the release of their terrific Svalbard4XPlane scenery (expect my review before year’s end), developer Maps2XPlane apparently had the time to update their freeware offering Antarctica4XPlane (read my guest comment over at helisimmer.com) to the latest standards. See this recent announcement:

“I have the pleasure to announce, that I updated part 1 of Antarctica4XPlane, my freeware Antartica Base Mesh scenery for X-Plane. Part 1 covers the Antarctic Peninsula as well as the South Orkney Islands. The new version features improved elevation models particularly around Research Bases and Airfields, e.g. King George Island, Seymour Island and Deception Island, to just name a few of the updated locations.

The download link for my Antarctica Base Mesh scenery can be found in The Sceneries-Section. Dedicated to the mesh update, third-party developers already announced updates for their existing add-ons as well as the release of new add-on sceneries for Antarctica4XPlane – so stay tuned!”


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