A lot of my German readers will know Flightport for their outstanding freeware for FSX and P3D. This year some of the members of the team switched to X-Plane. I am sure a lot of folks, including me, were hoping for X-Plane conversions of all those wonderful freeware airfields. Unfortunately it came different. With the advent of P3D v4 they decided to close down the team. They stated it would be too much work for them to patch all those sceneries to work with P3D v4. Since some of them moved to X-Plane they apparently lost interest in patching scenery for a platform they don’t even use anymore. At least that’s what you can read in their announcement. Now that is unfortunate news for the community as a whole. Flightport lasted 15 years and gifted us with a lot of freeware pearls.

See here for the announcement (please note that it is in German only).