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Technically I am not supposed to show you these screenshots and I really hope this developer won’t throw his computer against a wall when he sees this. But anyway, who can guess what this is about?

I am sure none of you has ever seen this particular feature I am personally so much intrigued about so I wonder what ideas you guys come up with. Alright, nuff said y’all! Let’s do this!

EDIT: I don’t know how but my reader Cullen already guessed the answer (impressive dude!!!). What you see here are WIP development screenshots from Rising Dawn’s upcoming KRAL Riverside Municipial. I just received permission to confirm that publicly.

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Looks like a scatter density setting! But what addon?! Love it.


A scenery mod that adds grass/vegetation to all your airports?


New X-Plane 11 ground textures???

Delta Who

Might be the new skymaxx texture thingys, or a new MisterX Airport

Cullen Chandler

Hmmm… Rising Dawn KRAL? 

Karl Høybye

Hmmm, this is interesting. Almost looks like an Antwob style ground texture but the taxiways and runway don’t look like his style. Never the le