Look at this yoke! Isn’t it pretty? I am patiently waiting to get my hands on this. Since I live in Europe I had my doubts at first if this would ever be available on my side of the pond. Thankfully, Honeycomb teamed up with Aerosoft, who will be Honeycomb’s European retail channel. Great news, indeed! The new range of Honeycomb Aeronautical products, that is the Alpha Flight Controls Yoke & Switch Panel and the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, are expected to be available from Q1 2018. Time to get excited everyone!!!

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Finally something to bridge the gap between cheap POS yokes an throttles and ones that cost more then my car, if they are half as good as the website claims they will be great value for money.


I’ve had my CH Yoke for 12 years and it’s been on its last legs for the last 6 years!  Whenever I’ve looked at the market for consumer yokes I see….. exactly the same lineup as I have seen for the last 12 years.  No product development or further competition…… until now.  I look forward to seeing this released.