iBlueYonder announce The HERON’S NEST scenery for X-Plane 11!

Awesome news coming in from former Orbx developer Bill Womack of iBlueYonder. He announced work on a conversion of his popular and highly detailed freeware scenery The Heron’s Nest for X-Plane 11. See the full announcement:

“XPerience The Heron’s Nest!

It’s been an interesting week filled with a lot of new things. Chief among them has been learning a whole new set of scenery development methods. That’s right, we’re adding a new sim to our bag of tricks. Drum roll, please…

Soon to come: The Heron’s Nest for X-Plane 11! Our popular freeware island getaway is in the final stages of being ported to XP11, and should be ready for testing soon.

In the meantime, here are a few pics to whet your appetite.”

See those screenshots above (click on a thumbnail to view in full screen, bear in mind though, all WIP). No doubt this is wonderful for our community. Bill is a well respected, talented and super nice developer. I was missing his scenery ever since I deleted my P3D installation so this is definitely good news for me personally. Check out Bill’s blog here to learn more about his first footsteps in X-Plane! Good luck Bill!

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This is great news for X-Plane! More big name developers!


A lot of the guys over at Mutley’s Hanger have this scenery for THAT OTHER SIM and rav about it so will be interesting to see it in XP

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