A few days ago our well known friends over at Icarus Simulations announced that the company has split. See the full announcement:

“Important Notice”

Dear flight simmers.
Because of improvement of our management in Icarus Simulations, the company splits into two different names. The Skyline Simulations and Ilias Tselios. This will not affect the announced projects! The development and the quality of our products stays the same!”

Alright, Skyline Simulations it is then! That said, the team with this new name announced KCVG Cincinnati again at the .org (see here for the original announcement). See also that announcement:

“Hello everybody,

I am very pleased to announce KCVG Definitive. Those over on the Facebook group may have already seen my pictures I’ve uploaded, but I’d also like to start a topic over here to keep things all in one place.

WE, at Skyline Simulations (Formerly Icarus Simulations) branched off into separate studios to allow our members to focus on their specialties, i.e. Aircraft vs Scenery. This will work better for us in the long run, and I must add that all of us from Icarus are still on great relations, we’re just not associated with eachother’s projects anymore. Have no worries, this will not interrupt the development of our airports or the DC-9 at all, it will only allow us to work faster and smarter!

Now that that’s out of the way, where do I begin?

I’ve lived my entire life and grown up in Cincinnati. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to fly many times a year from a very young age and thus have great memories of CVG from it’s Golden Age, when Delta and Comair ruled the entire airport. Things have changed now, but my desire I’ve had to develop an ultra realistic and high quality rendition of CVG hasn’t. After years of debating how to go about it, I got started a year ago modeling. modeling is complete at this point, and right now we’re working on finishing up WED work and texturing. Expect KCVG early 2018, but please don’t go asking for exact release dates or pricing as you’re not going to get an answer 

For those who want more information on CVG, check out Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cincinnati/Northern_Kentucky_International_Airport

I’ll make sure to update this thread regularly with progress. As I said, I’m just finishing up WED work and texturework has commenced. As a long term resident of Cincinnati, I and the rest of the team are committed to only the highest quality. Please enjoy these screenshots! Please remember these are all a work in progress and may not represent the product upon it’s completion.

– Skyline Simulations”