Introducing PropStrike Studio & Quatam River Airport!

Last night my friend Sérgio of (don’t know who that dude is? Check out this interview) posted exciting news of a new developer coming to our platform! PropStrike Studio is a new design team of some well-known members of our community, Karl Høybye and Luciano Pommella. Karl is the lead developer of X-World Sceneries (I wonder if that studio is still a thing now that we have PropStrike… I shall find out!) who made this really cool Allan & Burrows Island scenery. Luciano apparently is a 3D surfacing supervisor for the CG industry who approached Karl after buying the before-mentioned Allan & Burrows scenery after seeing the potential for these tiny bush strips.

Well anyway, these guys are now working on Quatam River Airport which is located in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia in Canada and judging from these screenshots (you gotta click on them to view them in fullscreen) this will be a beauty! Good luck, PropStrike! Read more about this over at here. And in case you have a Facebook account, make sure to drop these new guys a like here.

EDIT: I already contacted Karl to find out if and how X-World Sceneries was affected by these news. Well, it isn’t. As Karl stated, “X-World Sceneries is just what I call the projects when I make them by myself so that is in no way gone”. The more the merrier! 🙂

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