Following the recent release of his first payware debut Allan & Burrows Island, developer Karl Høybye announced work on his next payware project. Alaska Bush Scenery: Skwentna will be a compilation of various bush strips of different sizes in the Skwentna region in South-Central Alaska. See Karl’s announcement:

“The scenery is heavily focusing on making realistic plausible and challenging airstrips for a variety of aircraft sizes. I have split the sizes into 3. The biggest size is something like a DC-3 which can land on non-paved runways but they need to be a certain width and length. There should be a few airstrips capable of handling this beast. The second size is a DHC-6 size. Fairly wide still but short landing distance. Most of the bush strips are gonna fall into this category and they will often also be able to accommodate smalle GA aircraft like Cessna 172 and so on.  Third and smallest group is the Piper Super Cub group. These strips are quite narrow which could also allow for a Cessna 172 but a few of them also have either a steep approach due to trees or a short strip to land on making it almost exclusively accessible to the smallest of STOL aircraft.

A thing to note is also that it is extremely hard to get on site photos of these small airstrips which means this will be a bunch of plausible airstrips with some artistic usability freedom added into the mix. This means I am taking all the information I can usually just from satellite photos from different sources to gain an idea of how this would look in real life. Then I build the airstrip using that limited information but I might add or remove a few things that might not be there in real life, but make sure it is still a plausible environment. These changes might be for “gameplay” reasons like adding a campsite with animated smoke since you are missing other ways of finding the wind direction that you might have in the real world. 

Another thing is also what is covered. Well, I am going to make the airports and immediate surroundings the main focus and then leave the areas in between the small strips with default scenery. This means people who want to use orthophotos can download their own and people who prefer the default scenery or maybe some other autogen adjustment can just use that. I personally think the default scenery in this particular area is rather good and quite plausible and varied (maybe MisterX’s tree replacement is going to make this even better). 

Alright, enough rambling here is a short update on what I’ve been working on: Rocks! 3D rocks that you can hit. From seeing bush pilot videos it seems rocks are a big deal since they can ruin your day if you hit one that is of significant size. I am going to use these rocks to both add a challenge but also confine the landing areas. As I said these rocks do have a hitbox in the way that if you drive over them with your wheels you will bounce quite a big and if you land a Cessna 172 on them your prop will strike the top of the rock and destroy your engine. Landing on them with a Super Cub with Thundra tires is possible but you get a crazy bounce that neither feels or looks good.”

Sounds all pretty exciting to me! Karl already proved that he can deliver beautiful bush strips that are well worth the money. So this will be a welcome addition to my ever growing collection of fine bush fields.

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Perfect for the Cub !