A new set of screenshots (including interior shots) of Leading Edge Simulations anticipated DC-3 have just been posted on Facebook. A few hours earlier developer Goran Matovina announced that work on the DC-3 is nearly done now. See the full announcement:

“Lately, I’ve been getting the feeling of “It’s nearly done! It’s nearly done!” I’d go over everything, and be totally satisfied that it’s complete. There are 2 major fixes I have to do, but they’ll be done pretty quickly. My list is now down to 5 items, 1 of which is sounds, and Jim is working on those right now. I’m at the point now where I’m making subtle modifications and additions that are in the real aircraft. Things that I missed initially, and only just caught my eye. Anyway, a lot more flight testing today, so a few more grabs from in sim.”

It will be interesting to see how Leading Edge’s all new DC-3 will compare to VSKYLABS rendition of this aircraft, which (as I heard) has a great flight model. We shall soon find out!

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Any thing that Leading Edge Simulations puts out is top notch. I have the original DC3 which flew great in x 9 and 10 I also have his Duchess. I will certainly get the new DC3 if he ever releases it. LOL