Good news for owners of the Saab 340A by Leading Edge Simulations. The anticipated compatibility patch to run this bird in X-Plane 11 is about to be available soon. See this announcement:

Saab Version 1.5 is officially complete. 
It just ticked over to 11:08PM over here, and I was able to do what I wanted to do. Finish 1.5 before I go to sleep. As far as I can see, all bugs that COULD be fixed, have been fixed. Also added some more PBR to a few areas. To clarify…this is the FREE compatibility update for XP11. This is NOT the V2 upgrade.

All files have been sent to Cameron at X-Aviation, and he’ll rush to get installers made and everyone’s account updated. Time for a celebratory flight, and just fly it for fun!! Something I haven’t done since I started making aircraft for X Plane. Here she is, all lined up for an early morning take off.”

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Huge news. I’ve had some odd bugs preventing me from really enjoying this plane at all. Excited.

Bernd Schwarz

Hi, I was receiving an e-mail by CAMERON, the guy from x-aviation.  He told me this update won’t be released for weeks! I’m asking myself: WHY there is more time necessary when you already finished v. 1.5? I do not understand.   cheers Bernd Schwarz