Let’s Sim: Constantly improving their services

One week ago my favorite new X-Plane store launched (see the original announcement here). Currently let’s sim is still adding more and more features every day but the shop works nicely and you can already purchase and support the team. They’ve been hard at work on a new frontend for the shop & implementing fixes and feedback that they received! Many more currencies are now available in the shop, it should also geolocate to display the correct one automatically!

We do need fresh air on the vendor side of our community. let’s sim looks promising and you all should really give them a chance. let’s sim are also giving away their very own KPAO Palo Alto Airport for free as a little gift (see this review by our friends of helisimmer.com)! This is a magnificent scenery for everyone flying in California. Head over to let’s sim now and start buyin’!

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I have to agree here. I bought a scenery pack recently where the installer was corrupt. Opened a service ticket and the problem was solved the following morning. Great support.

Let's Sim

Hi Joshua, great to hear! 🙂 

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