A huge update arrived from Icarus Simulations, who also announced several airports to keep us customers happy!


Dear simulation lovers! We like to give you some info about what are the status of our next projects! As you know we separate our scenery projects into two sections. 1. Our projects and 2. conversion projects. collaborated with LatinVFR and Latinwings. Icarus Airports Products should be released by the following order.

1. O’Hare Int. Airport KORD -WIP- Our team is working in full on this project and should be our next imminent release. Probably the best scenery for X-Plane 11 ever! Developing using the latest technologies like PBR materials, Custom mesh etc. Textures in FullHD and performance friendly! Stay tuned for this “monster” airport!

2. Waterloo Regional Airport KALO -WIP- The next project after O’Hare. Waterloo Regional Airport, second name Livingston Betsworth Field, the airport located four miles northwest of the central business district of Waterloo, and the city of Black Hawk County, Iowa, United States. 3D modeling completed, Buildings, hangars, etc, everything in place. Texturing is in process. Working for the best quality and realism.

3. Next station… Billy Bishop airport CYTZ -WIP- Toronto City Canada Scenic airport in a small “island”. Take the local ferry servicing from to Toronto city to the airport . Enjoy the view during fly, looking the port and the city with outstanding high-rise towers and of course the magnificent CN tower at night. most of 3D modeling and Texturing of buildings hangars etc are ready and now we working on the city.

4. Cincinnati/Nort. Kentucky International Airport KCVG -WIP is a public airport and its serves the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. The airport offers non-stop passenger service to 57 destinations with 195 peak daily departures. 3D modeling completed. It’s time for texturing now!

5. Long Beach Airport KLGB -WIP- Long Beach Airport has few passenger flights compared with Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) 18 miles (29 km) to the northwest, and will always be a small airport because of ordinances adopted to minimize noise. Destination for low-cost companies. Beautiful city and top destination for summer days, full of palm trees near the beach! 3D modeling and texturing half of the buildings is ready. Our team is working now on, texturing, ground work.


Conversion Airports

1. John Wayne Orange County KSNA -LatinVFR- California USA, Orange County is the third most populous county in California, with more than 3 million people and the 6th most populous in the US. Its airport John Wayne International airport handles almost 10 million passengers per year, making it the second most important in the region after LAX. 3D Objects reconstructed and textured remapped placed correctly on xplane. Working now in PBR materials, and finishing the ground work plus orthophotos. Close to release…

2. Kingston Scenery in Jamaica MKJP -LatinVFR- Kingston’s Jamaica, embracing energy offers a mix of metropolitan ambitions and old world heritage. Rhythmic reggae music, a fascinating culture and fine restaurants and eateries offer a variety in entertainment, history and cuisine. —


*released order maybe be changed at the future.

Next update post DC9 Aircraft. Stay tuned! Our team working hard to bring to you quality and realistic products! Enjoy and support us!”

Awesome airport choices. I personally didn’t like Icarus’ last locations since I don’t fly in these areas but this is just great for me! Good luck Icarus, hope your sales are great!

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Huge news indeed. I hope their KORD is good. Xplane could use a good rendition. If they’re converting LatinVFR airports I hope they convert St Louis and Mexico City 

Martin O'Brien

I look forward


This is great news